Bethlehem Baptist Church

    215 Wilkinson Road

    Richmond, VA 23227


    Date Posted: [October 22, 2021]

    Position: Transitional Pastor

    Denomination: Baptist

    Church Affiliations: River City Faith Network of the Richmond Baptist Association, Baptist General Convention, Baptist General Association, Southern Baptist Convention, Progressive National Baptist Convention

    Job Type: Full-Time, Temporary

    Transitional Pastor Position Available - Bethlehem Baptist Church (BBC), located in Richmond, Virginia is seeking a person, called by God, to preach and teach the uncompromising Gospel of Jesus Christ to serve as its Transitional Pastor. BBC is a historically African-American church which welcomes a diversity of people and cultures.

    The Transitional Pastor must be able to perform a variety of pastoral duties including, but not limited to, providing meaningful biblically based preaching and teaching, spiritual leadership and administrative oversight of the church's ministries, and counsel to assist in church growth. The Transitional Pastor will help maintain unity and transition the BBC leadership and congregation into the next stage of ministry. The Transitional Pastor will work to facilitate the well-being of BBC and its congregation during this period of change.

    The expected duration of the Transitional Pastor's services shall be a minimum of twelve (12) months or until a new Senior Pastor is hired and begins working at BBC. The intent is that the Transitional Pastor shall not apply and shall not be considered for the position of Senior Pastor. This is a full time salaried position. Salary is negotiable.


    1. Guide the church through the stages of transition:
      1. View the church's history through the eyes of Christ
      2. Assess the church's current reality by evaluating church needs and goals.
      3. Affirm biblical principles for church growth
      4. Focus on kingdom results
      5. Review and establish church practice
    2. Provide preaching, worship leadership and coordination for Sunday morning service, Wednesday evening and other special services.
    3. Provide Pastoral Care, in conjunction with the Associate Ministers, including, but not limited to visiting homes, hospitals, nursing homes, and the homebound church members as well as provide pastoral presence for those in crisis situations and counseling as needed.
    4. Administer and coordinate the ordinances of baptism and the Lord's Supper/Holy Communion.
    5. Implement a strategy of prayer that touches the needs of the people, our community, city, state and nation. Serve as the leader in seeking to win the unsaved; promote times of renewal and revival with a view towards spiritual awakening.
    6. May officiate at weddings, memorial services and funerals as requested by families (both members and non-members).
    7. Meet with Deacons, Trustees, Finance Ministry, and other appropriate ministries in an advisory capacity.
    8. Lead and facilitate development of the BBC Associate Ministerial Staff.
    9. Serve as a spiritual and administrative resource by providing guidance to ministries, committees and church staff as appropriate.
    10. Serve as the Church's official representative to denomination meetings, conferences and other related public events, as schedule permits.
    11. Provide and coordinate regular leadership training for church leaders, congregation, and all ministries.


    Required Education: Bachelor's degree

    Preferred Education: Master of Divinity degree or higher

    Ordination: Must be a minister ordained by a Baptist ChurchRe-qui.c.2d.-Expedence: Relevant experience as a pastor with proven leadership accomplishments in multiple core ministries and/or extensive training in pastoral church transition.

    Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSA's)

    1. Proven past performance to exemplify desired pastoral behavior by the standard required in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and 1 Peter 5:1-4.
    2. Demonstrated interpersonal skills to effectively work with and on teams with varying levels of competencies, maturity and backgrounds.
    3. Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing simple and complex concepts, thoughts and ideas.
    4. Demonstrated ability to maintain confidentiality and use discretion.
    5. Demonstrated skill in managing conflict and problem solving with biblical counsel and application.
    6. Ability to give and receive spiritual correction as appropriate.
    7. Self-motivated and able to prioritize demands.
    8. Ability to establish and maintain consistent office hours for accessibility to members of the congregation and for regular communication with members of the church staff and community partners.
    9. Working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite, social media and Internet-based tools and applications.
    10. Learn more about Bethlehem Baptist Church from its website at www.mybbcfairmount.org.


    All interested and qualified candidates must submit an application packet consisting of the following information:

    • A cover letter explaining your interest in being transitional pastor of our church
    • A copy of your resume
    • A copy of certificate of license and ordination
    • A sealed copy of your school transcripts
    • Three references: one each from clergy, layperson, and personal.
    • A DVD, CD, MP3 or website link to a recent sermon and/or teaching event. (Optional)

    Deadline to submit application is November 8, 2021.


    Please Mail Your Application to:

    Bethlehem Baptist Church

    Attn: Reverend Glinda Ford, Chair, Pastoral Search Committee

    1920 Fairmount Avenue

    Richmond, VA 23223

    OR email your application to: glinda.ford@rbaonline.org and the email subject line must state BBC Pastoral Search Committee

    Final candidates must consent to a reference check, a full background check including criminal history, a drug test, and a credit check. These will be performed by an outside agency for complete confidentiality. ALL information will be treated as "Confidential" and for Official Use Only. The Pastoral Search Committee will acknowledge receipt of all timely submitted application packages.